The Collision of Ideas

OnCopyright 2010: The Collision of Ideas

The debate over copyright—its value, its limits, its virtues and its future—is raging as never before. Technology innovation is creating new models for content distribution and disrupting the economics of entire industries. Ad-based media companies are wondering what the future holds and are questioning whether high-quality content is still a viable commodity. Artists are exploring new forms of creativity and pushing the edges of rights and ownership ever outward. And there are new calls from all quarters for changes in the laws governing fair use, search, aggregation and more.

Join us at OnCopyright 2010 as we explore these questions and more with some of the leading experts, practitioners and thinkers of the day. It's our future. It's OnCopyright.

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Art, Society, Technology and Law

Speakers include:

  • William Patry

    Senior Copyright Counsel

    Ben Sheffner

    Senior Counsel
    NBC Universal Television

    Fred von Lohmann

    Senior Staff Attorney
    Electronic Frontier Foundation

    Virginia Rutledge

    Copyright Attorney & Art Historian

    Jeremy Williams

    Senior VP & Deputy General Counsel
    Warner Bros. Entertainment

    Pogo (Nick Bertke)

    Electronic Music Artist
  • David Hoffman

    Documentary Filmmaker

    Lois Wasoff

    Copyright Law & Policy Attorney

    Jim Griffin

    Managing Director
    OneHouse LLC

    David Marburger

    Baker Hostetler

    David Shields


    Jessica Litman

    John F. Nickoll Professor of Law
    UM Law School
  • Barbara Bloom

    Visual Artist

    Jay Rosen

    Professor of Journalism
    New York University

    Gordon Crovitz


    Dr. Srinandan Kasi

    VP, General Counsel and Secretary
    The Associated Press

    Gaby Darbyshire

    Gawker Media

    Kasian Franks

    Founder & CEO
  • Ken Doctor

    Media Analyst

    Bill Burger

    Conference Producer


March 10th, 2010